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About Us

Deepblue Cybersecurity is a team of cybersecurity professionals experienced in offensive security, security operations, incident response, threat intelligence, security engineering, and security management.

We serve CISOs of medium and large enterprises in various industries, including digital healthcare, consumer goods, artificial intelligence, energy, online and offline retail, digital financial services, and others.

We are hired for our technical expertise and our external, objective view. Our main lines of service are continuous security gap analysis, guided mitigation/remediation, and incident management and response.

Ofer Shaked, Founder & CEO

Ofer launched his cybersecurity career in 2007 as an officer in the Israeli Intelligence. In 2014, he co-founded and served as the CTO of SCADAfence (acquired by Honeywell – NASDAQ: HON), an industrial cybersecurity technology firm. In 2021, he established Deepblue Cybersecurity, aiming to enhance the resilience of medium and large enterprises having complex IT and security challenges.

A word from our founder

Cybersecurity, once a domain that only concerns IT professionals, has evolved into a material business risk affecting all industries and various stakeholders, including executives, board members, regulators, customers, and the public.

In this new era, our mission goes beyond traditional compliance and incident response. We focus on actively and measurably reducing the likelihood and impact of cyber incidents through our innovative risk management methodology.

Our team at Deepblue is committed to staying on the forefront of threat analysis and cyber defense to deliver unparalleled efficiency in proactive defense and incident response.

With you on the front line,

Ofer Shaked and the Deepblue team


Continuous Gap Analysis

We enhance your proactive defense program by employing a detailed threat model, continuously updated and customized for your organization.

Our prioritized gap analysis process is designed to not just identify vulnerabilities but to focus on these that are actually exploited by attackers.

This approach ensures that your cybersecurity efforts are both targeted and effective, aligning with the specific threats your organization faces.

Guided Mitigation

Mitigate more risk with our comprehensive understanding of today’s complex threat landscape and defensive strategies.

Our team specializes in helping you select and deploy proven, effective mitigations that are not only technically sound but also financially sensible.

We tailor our approach to each client’s unique needs, ensuring that our solutions are not just effective but also cost-efficient.

Incident Management and Response

Contain and recover faster. Benefit from minimized downtime, reduced financial impact, and a safeguarded reputation.

Leverage our expertise in offensive security, incident management, and incident response to expedite investigations, deploy effective containment measures, and securely restore systems.

Our team can be quickly onboarded to manage and coordinate with both local and third-party teams, ensuring an efficient response to security incidents.

Our Clients